GELRIDE Resistance Ortho Sports Band

Portable Stretch Band for Exercising Arm, Shoulder, Leg, Feet and Joints - for Use in Home, Gym, Outdoors and Therapy Center

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  • DURABLE ELASTIC GEL MATERIAL: GELRIDE exercise band is made from premium quality elastic gel material. With its good elasticity, the gel material provides a great deal of strength, resistance and durability to the band.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL RESISTANCE BAND: The exercise band can be used for exercising arm, shoulder, neck, chest, abdomen, leg, feet and joints. With regular use, the band enhances body flexibility and strengthens muscles. In addition to resistance training, it is perfectly suited for body stretching, yoga, pilates, and physical therapy for torn ligaments and muscles.
  • LIGHT RESISTANCE STRENGTHS: Start with a light resistance and gradually move to medium and high resistance for a greater workout challenge.
  • ANTI-SKID GRIP HANDLE: The grip handles on the resistance band have anti-skid grooves and grip points to prevent slipping. It gives the handles a good grip and prevents them from slipping.
  • CONVENIENT TO USE AND CARRY: It is suitable for use at home, in the gym, and outdoors. Exercise anywhere and anytime with these lightweight, easy-to-carry GELRIDE exercise bands.
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DIMENSION: 14 x 4 x 0.5 Inch
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DIMENSION: 14 x 4 x 0.5 Inch
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DIMENSION: 14 x 4 x 0.5 Inch