FOVERA Motorcycle Gel Seat Cushion

Supports Sit Bones, Tailbone, and Buttock Muscles - Cool Gel Absorbs Micro-Shocks and Road Jerks, Suitable for All Motorbikes

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Color: Black


  • Our gel material reshapes when body pressure is applied to the gel bike seat cushion, which is caused by oil droplets dispersing the load. As a result, you won't get pressure sores or back pain from riding your bike since it redistributes your body pressure evenly.
  • With its innovative design and cool gel material, the FOVERA motorcycle seat cushion offers a stylish, luxurious ride. As a result of its shallow groove design, the cushion provides adequate support for the buttocks and seat bones, enhancing the comfort level.
  • With two adjustable elastic straps and buckles, the motorcycle seat cushion can be installed on any kind of two-wheeler. It is easy to install or remove the cushion from any two-wheeler using the straps.
  • The bike seat absorbs road jerks and micro shocks, offering ultimate cushioning and support. As a result, your sit-bones and buttock muscles are relieved of pressure, which makes long rides or daily commutes more enjoyable and pain-free.
  • This bike seat cushion is made of dust-proof, water-resistant, washable high quality fabric. Anti-skid fabric is used at the bottom of the bike seat to prevent it from sliding.
SKU: FO_Gel_21
DIMENSION: 12 x 9 x 1 Inch