Foot Elevator Pillow with Adjustable Hook and Loop

For Heel & Ankle Ulcers, Sores or Injuries - Spiral Cut Design

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Cover: Velvet Grey


  • Ideal Pillow for Heel/Ankle Ulcers, Sores or Injuries
  • Spiral-Cut Design Concept With Hook and Loop
  • Effective in Improving Blood Circulation in Foot
  • Made of Firm Polyurethane Foam and Latex Free


    SKU: foot_ele
    DIMENSION: 9 x 9 x 5 inch


    Foot Elevator Pillow Designed by FOVERA Orthodesign An Ideal Pillow for Heel/Ankle Ulcers, Sores or Injuries It off-loads the foot and helps in healing of heel/ankle/diabetic wound or spur by reducing foot pressure and preventing rashes, ulcers, and sores. It helps to reduce pressure on foot and leg. Effective in improving blood circulation. Made of firm polyurethane foam and Latex free Spiral-Cut Concept with Hook and Loop. The design allows the center hole opening from 2 inches to 5 inches - One size fits all. Adjustable hook and loop is easy to use and ensures your foot elevation pillow stays in place.