GELRIDE Foldable Meditation and Yoga Chair

With Gel Enhanced Meditation Block & Right Angle Back Support - Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Use

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  • ADVANCED FOLDABLE MEDITATION CHAIR: The Innovative, foldable, lightweight GELRIDE meditation is designed for prolonged sitting and blissful meditation.This floor chair promotes straight sitting posture and the gel meditation block provides comfort for cross-legged sitting.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE STAINLESS-STEEL FRAME: The meditation and yoga chair is made from a corrosion free stainless steel frame. With the metal frame, the chair is durable and lightweight, making it convenient to carry.
  • BACK SUPPORT AND MEDITATION BLOCK: The back support helps keep the spine aligned at a 90-degree angle, preventing back pain during long sitting sessions. The meditation chair is accompanied with a gel meditation block which is helpful for those who face difficulties sitting cross-legged or in Padmasana.
  • HIGH DENSITY PURE FOAM & WASHABLE COVER: The seat of the chair is made of high density pure foam to support the sit bones, thighs, hips, and feet. The dense yet soft foam promotes comfortable and pain-free sitting and prevents numbness in the feet & leg resulting from prolonged cross-legged sitting.
  • MEDITATE ANYWHERE: This chair with back support is the ideal companion for your meditation sessions. By promoting comfortable and pain-free sitting posture, it improves concentration and makes meditation blissful. You can easily fold it up, store it, and take it with you wherever you go.




WHY TO CHOOSE OUR GEL MATERIAL: When body pressure exerted on the gel meditation block, it causes the gel to reshape as the oil droplets disperse the load. It redistributes your body pressure evenly and prevents pressure sores, lower back and hip pain in the long run by eliminating all peak pressure points.